State of Illinois issued InterNACHI 7 more licenses today.



Is anything being done with them, and will this save us money on CE.?

I think we all hope for that benifit.

These are still proctored , so we need to see where this all leads to.

SweeeeeeeeeeeeT!!!:smiley: :mrgreen:

I do believe that when you read the license the current courses offered by nachi are be approved for state ce so yes affordable ce

Didn’t you get an email a couple of weeks ago from the Illinois State Chapter? You need to go here> and submit the courses you have taken. They are in the process of scheduling proctored exams.

So the answer is we save…$$$…?
How much are the courses, is there a price list.
They are proctored meaning a fee , correct.?

The on-line courses are free, and unless I’m missing something, we’ve already taken them. Then their will be a fee for a proctored exam, that will be set up at different locations once a month. :slight_smile: And we better save money being we are only paying for the exam.

Yes you have taken these courses before as part of your membership to InterNACHI. But they where **not **approved until this year.You must retake these courses since they have been approved. The InterNACHI system keep track of when you take the courses.

Schedules and locations for proctored exams will be based on the number of requests from Inspectors. Fees for the exams are based on factors such as the number of inspectors requiring proctored exams and the exam facility location. You will be notified by e-mail. The proctored exams will be given every 60-90 days.

You must take a proctored exam to receive the Illinois State Continuing Education credits.

If you would like to receive Illinois continuous education credit for the exam, payment in advance before the test date is required. You may pay online at When all arguments have been made.

I have heard rumors that they will cost more than the CE’s put out by my very own Nachi Chicago.

Seeing is believing.Waiting for facts.


[FONT=Verdana]Why will the demand and location affect the cost? I’ve taken proctored exams at our local library, similar to these for almost free. And I was the only one there. Also taking the same course again because it has just now been approved seems like a waste of time, I’m not learning anything new.


Seeing that we have many times as many approved CE offerings as Illinois requires… take and learn something new.

More new courses in development too.

Sounds good Nick.

Also may be difficult to cordinate.

(How many are at Sunday class) It will change the price right ?

Oh there are more at Mondays proctered. (ok forget Sunday)

Do not get me wrong though as I would love for it to work.