Stay Away from AHIT

I went to download another packet of reports for Report Plus and got an error message that something was corrupted. The message said to call technical support to resolve the problem. When I called they wanted $249 to fix the problem. I couldn’t believe that they don’t stand behind their product. So buyer beware when you are dealing with AHIT.

I used that for a while, when it was time to reorder, the price was not even close to what it was supposed to be, so I moved on. Plus I didn’t like all the filler in the back of the report. I thought you were supposed to be able to take all of that out, but I couldn’t find a way to do it. Any more specifics onthe problem, maybe I can help you out.

I bought my software many years ago. I have never been on the pay per report plan.

The error said that a registry had been corrupted.

When I called they said that everything was ok on their end. The problem must be in my computer.

Now I understand why they started making us download reports in packs of 50 even though we bought the software outright.

Not sure about the technical bit. If you purchased the software outright, they should stand behind it though. Let us know what happens with this. I was actually thinking of using this again. But, maybe not.

Hi Ian,

I have given up on using Report Plus. I won a copy of HIP during the football contests last year, so I am going to start using HIP. I just have to take the time to learn how to use it. I will miss Report Plus because it was easy to use since I have been working with it for over 8 years. It just pisses me off that when I bought it there wasn’t a fee for support.

Greg, sorry you’re going to have the pain in the *** of learning a new program.

It sucks, no matter what you’re switching too. Takes some time to get it going the way you want.

Good Luck!

Existing users of earlier programs can upgrade to the newest versions of our reporting software for $150 and enrollment into the Platinum Support Package. The support package includes toll-free technical support, online training ***workshops](, and software upgrades. Call 1-800-441-9411 should you have any questions or to place an upgrade order.***

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Nothing is free nowadays…

I use Palm Tech and have had no problems with support or upgrades, which have been free.

I am glad you are a satisfied customer Darren.

Support and upgrades are usually free for the first year or two…


This is also a blunder for AHIT!!! When I got the email that it was $150, I immediately called. The saleman says it’s $299 for the first year, if you’re not under an existing plan (which I also believed was free when I purchased it). They are straight out liers, preying on our industry.

I should’ve never let Bell talk me into Report Plus :mad:!!!

Greg, email me @
I’ll send You my HIP template to help you get started, if you’re a registered user!

Dave, long time, no hear . . .
download HIP, then email me . . .

ha ha ha ha Glad that I could help. That makes my purchase worth while.

Well at least you got something for your money. I bet all of the people you talked into sending money to poor old Wendy wish they got something for theirs.

You refund all of the money that you scammed people out of for poor misguided Wendy and I will send you a refund for your purchase of Report Plus.

I had a lot of problems with AHIT. I actually call it ACRAP.

A lot of guys take there education program and sucker them in to purchase there crappy software.

This is why I switched to HIP about 3/4 months ago.

Went from very upset with software to very satisfied.

I would also be willing to share my template.

If you go to and register. You can view numerous sample reports and templates.

The message board is growing on HIP and the board is moderated.

Greg email me as well, you can have my templates for HIP, you will find the service next to none! Call or email.

There on line courses are very poor in quantity and quality also. I paid for one and regret it . Will not take the time to complete as the content is scattered and not informative. Shame on me

Ralph Ramsey
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