Should this be written for interior or exterior

This is a 20 inch drop out the sliding door.





The missing component is at the exterior.
Nothing wrong on the interior.

Why, whats wrong with that?

I was appraising this house. The inspector that came in before me wrote up that the door needed a storm door attached (there was just a solid wood door before), so the sellers installed one (don’t ask me how). I love second story doors to nowhere.

Did an inspection on a home a few weeks ago with an elevated screened in deck up about 16’. Didn’t really notice the door from the outside, but noticed a door while on the deck. Door opened up with the 16’ drop below. I had to think which section to put the comment…either remove the screen door and fill it (interior & much less expensive) in or install a stairway (exterior and a good chunk of change).

The Mason went to lunch and never returned…

That one goes to Narnia. :wink:

Gee Wendy you where doing fine now you are bringing the religion back again .



That picture makes me wonder what the Builder must have been thinking. But the comment about the H/I’s views and recommendations make me really wonder.
It looks like the home has vinyl siding, any chance there was a previous egress to that door (steps, deck, etc.). Hard to tell, I’m sure.


I guess you do not get out to the movies much with the Grand kids? Has nothing to do with religion. And by the way, it is time for you and Roy to get off of the Wendy bashing throne

Thanks for the advice ,But please remember it is a two way street.

I haven’t bashed anyone and you know it Roy. Just stated my opinion without the nastiness you boys use.

Ditto Bruce.
It was a nice couple of weeks without the mean spirited stuff, wasn’t it?

Warning to many members do not mention the W… word .
I did and suddenly I have so far had THREE red hits .
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Life is so short that some can not take any criticism.
I wonder how many this will generate.
Glad not all people are vindictive.


Yep two more . I guess some do not like the truth.

Should this be written…12/18/06 11:46 AM

Should this be written…12/18/06 10:34 AM

Ask anyone. Even if I had given you a red square, which I didn’t, the system doesn’t allow you to give another one to the same person for like two days or so.
So before you go spreading untruths like this again, you should think carefully about it now shouldn’t you?

Are you guys serious right now? I hope not. I thought this was a thread about the 20 inch drop, which is a defect of the exterior in my opinion.

Sorry Dylan, if Roy would quit accusing me of this crap, maybe we could get on with inspection business.

I wonder should you think carefully before accusing me of spreading untruths ?
Gee wxxxx why would you accuse me of spreading untruths .
I said exactly what happened .
I did not say you gave me a red Square
I did not say you gave me two red squares.
Please read my post again .
I did not even mention your name .
I also gave the evidence that I had been hit and where the
hits came and it was on this ( should this be written )


As per usual wrong again .
I did not accuse you of any thing .
Why do you go around with a Chip on your shoulder so quick to blame others .
I wonder do you have a guilty conscience or what ?


You guys really need to keep your personal stuff between yourselves and not out on the boards like this. The question posed created some interesting discussion. The in fighting needs to go some place else.