Stick A Fork In It!

I expect this will be the new trend for the McCain/Palin campaign, from here on out it will be a swift downhill slide into November.


Sources: McCain pulls out of Michigan
Thursday, October 2, 2008

Gordon Trowbridge / Detroit News Washington Bureau

John McCain is ending his attempt to win Michigan, a serious blow to the Republican’s presidential hopes.

A Republican source with knowledge of the move told The Detroit News that Michigan Republicans were informed Thursday that the campaign would stop airing television ads in Michigan and pull most staff and other resources from the state.

McCain campaign officials were not immediately available for comment.

I think you may need to have someone read more than one paper to you, Joe…:mrgreen:

See below

Perhaps McCain should have read the Detroit news before making such an asinine decision.

Life imitates poker, timing is everything. :smiley:

He may have read this page

And this

I smell… L A N D S L I D E ! :D:mrgreen::smiley:

The highlighted link only proves what those of us in Michigan have known for decades, Michigan is a key democratic state. If McCain would have read the news on the 1st of October, the decision to stop campaigning here may not have transpired. Many of the business associates I deal with are (were) hard core Democrats, that is until Obama came along. the fear now is increased taxes to small business to fund national health care.