Stolen Tools...

Just had my van broken into and my main inspection tools stolen, in Bellingham, WA. I thought I’d post a notice here in case you run into someone trying to fence the tools. Included were a Protimeter Surveymaster w/o the plastic cap (pins exposed), A Raytek infrared thermometer, Suretest Circuit Analyzer, Pentax digital camera (cigarette pack size, all stainless), and various screwdrivers, voltage detector, multi-tool, pressure gauge, Streamlight Polystinger flashlight, tape measure, etc. The tools were all contained in a black and tan cordura tool belt. Also taken was a new 2.5 million cp cordless spot light, an XXL black leather bomber jacket, XXL fleece jacekt, and a sky blue gym bag w/ workout clothes. Reward for any information leading to the execution of the meth-heads who put a serious hold on my making a living. Cheers, Brandon.

Sorry to hear. I hope those lowlifes get caught. Maybe you could check e-bay over the next couple of days to see if some of your stuff shows up. Good luck.

Ant those idiots probably dont even know what half the equipment is for. Sorry for your loss.

To steal a workingman’s tools is unforgivable. I know what it feels like because it happened to me, only my loss included some really expensive carbon-monoxide testing equipment as well. “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth,” ain’t that the way it orta be?

Sorry to here of your loss, people suck sometimes. Maybe Nick could gather some resources to replace them on a fair payback schedule. Might want to ask him, after all he is a pretty good guy when it’s all said and done.

Just a thought.

Brandon, if this has strained your recources, say so. I’m sure that we’d all like to help if you need help.

Ditto. I am in if needed.

I have a spare digi cam I will donate if needed.

I also have spare voltage sniffers.

Tips just might help other inspectors .
I had some small Gold Mailing labels made up and I put one on every thing I have including my tape measures .
Now these will only last about a week till you can not read them so what I do now is spray a coat of clear varnish .
Waite a few minutes and do it again .
I give them about 4 or 5 coats .
This seems to last for ever .
This has Got me a tape measure and a flash light that I have left behind returned to me .
I know this will not help our buddy but maybe next time .


double post sorry

I etch my initials and last 4 of my SSN on all my tools, left over practices from the Government i guess.
I have still lost 1 tape measure, one fluke infered thermometer, three plug testers, 4 sets of goggles(who steals goggles), 4 Klien 10-1 screw drivers, and 1- 75K ultra stinger flashlight. All this in 3.5 years, and none of it was stolen from my truck.

I now where my tools on my belt.:cool:

Brandon, make sure you go around and give a list of items and descriptions to the local pawn shops,… most of them are ethical business owners. Good luck

I also have two digicams if you would like one you are welcome to it Brandon. Email me as I’m only a couple hours away from you.

I’m so sorry to hear what happened. :frowning:

get on ebay daily to see if your tools are up for bid.

Hey there Kevin it’s nice to see you. How have you been?

That’s the worst part, knowing your 300.00 moisture meter will be sold at the swap meet for 10 bucks.


Odd coincidence…

My Vehicles were also broken into yesterday morning.

Items were taken from each vehicle.

2nd time this year…:frowning:

I’m so sorry Joe. How awful for you! :frowning: I hope you have a way of recovering your losses.


Sorry for your loss.
I don’t have any extra tools to help out with, but isn’t it gratifying to see the response from our MessageBoard/NACHI friends.
It just goes to show that there a people out there that care, willing to help, when they can.
I had an alarm system installed on my vehicle. The local vendor offered his warranty in writing, w/Theft protection - $10k w/ $50 deductible. I bit!

Good Luck in finding the punks!

My GL has a tools and equip. rider, you might want to review
your policy or contact your agent.
You could also claim the loss on your home owners.

sorry that really sucks, good luck.