Stop calling it "inflation." Instead, call it what it really is

And imagine if the police shot an unarmed, black, female veteran protestor. He’d be sitting in a cell with Derek Chauvin.


I have yet to read or hear any story on any news media where one of the protestors were arrested with a firearm in their possession and on the grounds or in the capitol building. What we do hear are at some point far right extremists (i.e. Rocky Hardie) being turned in later for one reason or another and then admitting they were carrying a firearm at that time and on the grounds.

In the case of Rocky Hardie he was turned in originally for his threats to family and others if they turned him in for participating on 6 Jan. Notice the following from the second article quoted above.

"Rocky Hardie, of Texas, took the stand on Friday after entering an agreement with prosecutors that grants him immunity against crimes discussed as part of his testimony. "

It is most certainly in his benefit to lie about others supposedly carrying since he would not have been given immunity for anything if he didn’t lie and create drama. So why not admit he was carrying since he was being given immunity for any possible charges if he even was not.

Another important part from that article.

The pair first headed toward the National Mall, Hardie recounted, taking pictures as the large crowd listened to former President Trump’s “Save America” rally speech. Hardie said they did not stop to listen.

One of the facts that many like to leave out is that the real problems on the capitol grounds that day did not even go to the Trump rally and instead headed over to the capitol building to start the trouble. In other words it is ludicrous to even think Trump’s speech incited the problems that occurred that day.

Of course we will continue to have those that simply hate Trump for whatever reason and will continue to watch and read their Fake News sources so they can be dutifully indoctrinated by them.


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Notice the adjective before the word “judge” in the judge’s title.

This “Trump Appointed” ?

I don’t know who appointed him.

This judge is a woman, and appointed by Trump.

I’m not sure what you were suggesting about the adjective before her name.

Not before her name, before the word “judge” in her title.

I’m confused what your objection is with “federal” judges.

None. In my lifetime, they’ve all ruled in my favor. But the security personnel in the building the man is accused of entering, the prosecutor in his case, the assistant prosecutor in his case, and the judge in his case… all work for the exact same employer. The accused is the only non-federal employee in the entire trial. Think he’s going to win?

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He had a jury trial and an attorney. He should’ve taken a plea deal like the others.

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Ever notice her eyes resemble Charles Manson’s?

Eyes are the mirror of the soul. I never needed a polygraph, just look into the eyes.

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Yeah. I’m starting to rethink these plea deals. It seems like prosecutors rack up a bunch of counts and if you’re faced with 10,000 years in prison, you’re naturally gonna agree to say you did something that you might not have.

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Lol, I’m reading comments and I couldn’t help but notice how the discussion went from inflation ( big government )to Jan 6th ( a historic act of patriotism) we need to focus people. Look bird …! I voted for Trump and often cringed when he spoke. Please tell me of a human that never lied, ever . I thought he was a wack job going out there with the statement “ fake news “ I learned soon after he was :100: correct. Who owns the majority of mainstream media? They are bias and feed the nation daily ( brainwashing ) the general public. They win. It’s so easy to switch peoples attention to something else , just look what happened here. You don’t have to dedicate your life to politics to see who the puppeteers are. Start by training yourself to focus on the topic at hand. Spend A small fraction of your precious time educating yourself if you ever want a chance of changing anything. The 1% does this with ferocity so if your really interested in getting anywhere, start with some interest and FOCUS…!! Have a beautiful day people.
P.S Nick Gromekio, President of the USA ? :thinking:

The reason the conversation sways is because someone will make a comment, such as ”Jan 6th ( a historic act of patriotism)” and in response someone will submit an alternate perspective.

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Or as Kellyanne once explained… Alternative Facts. :grin:

Thank God we do not get “alternative facts” from the current administration. :+1:

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No, alternative facts are lies. I’m talking about a different opinion of the same facts.

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The majority seem to forget, ignore, overlook, or reject the fact that there SHOULD have been a successful overthrow of the illegitimate Biden government on January 6, because they were elected by fraudulent means.

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