strange panel

Hello, I’m having a trouble with this panel. It seems that they used the ground bus bar for the neutral and it uses two clamp for all the ground. I could not find a visible bonding between the neutral and the ground… Anybody can shed some light?

The panel label should show where the panel bond is to be installed.

Do you have any other photo’s, like a wider angle shot?

That looks like a Square D main, but I do not recognize the branch circuit breakers.

This is the panel with the cover on. I couldn’t see well because the panel was in a corner cabinet. I was able to remove the dead front but didn’t spend a lot of time watching it…

Yes, it’s a Square D. Not familiar with those circuit breakers, could be a Canadian thing.

The panel is a fp stablok be120-40-200c
Does it seems like a wiring mistake to use both bus as the neutral or have you seen some panels like that and it’s normal to have the grounds only connected to the enclosure ( with some hidden bonding of course)

What’s up with the Square D logo on the cover label? Also the main CB appears to be Sq D too.

IIRC SQ and FPE are part of the same company or corporate head. If so looks like they might be using parts already in the parts bin.