Streamlight flashlight

After 2 years I had to buy a new battery for the my Streamlight StingerXT. The lens was looking bad so I bought a new one at the same time. Changing the battery was easy enough but for some reason, I cannot figure out how to change the lens.

I thought it was as easy as unscrewing the lens cap and removing the defector but I found out that there is a sold metal piece in the way. I tried channel locks on that metal peice but no good.

The head of the flashlight doesn’t look bent.


They replaced several of mine when they were in for other things.

I believe a special tool is needed to change the lens.

What? Why on Earth does somebody need a special tool to change the lens on one of these things? The battery is easy enough, it would be interesting to hear why the lens is a different story.

Don’t buy a Harley that needs work.

The manufacturers are not idiots. They do this to make money.

From Streamlight’s website…

**Q:**How do I change the lens on my Stinger?
A: The Stinger lens can only be replaced with special tools. Return the Stinger to the factory or an Authorized Repair Center.

Don’t you hate that. I’ve got a couple of automobiles that I have to take to the shop all the time for repairs too. There’s a special tool for virtually every part of the darn things. :mrgreen:

I’m just kidding you. You would think something as simple as a flashlight lens would be repairable by an owner. These things are high end though…Maybe the fact that they built this way is why they hold up so good.

They replaced several of mine while they were in for other warranty work on the switches. It was all done free of charge.

Do you guys put the Stinger down lens first on a surface?

If so, it is not recommended. It will damage the lens …as the instructions stated “not to do so”. I unfortunately did that without thinking about it and warped the lens.

Why don’t they make a hex or some other adapter to stop it from rolling when you put it down? :frowning: