Ultrastinger Lens Replacement

My ultrastinger lens is all scratched up, so I ordered a new lens.
My question is how do you put it on?
Are you supposed to pop the old one out from the back, and pop the new one in? It looks like the lens fits in a chanel, and may even have a rubber seal.
Has anyone done this before?

Thanks, Steve


The top should just unscrew to allow access for changing bulb and lens.

The ultrastinger lens is part of the top piece. It is all one unit, and just screws on the end. The lens by itself is not changeable. It costs 24 bucks. I know, I had to replace mine last year.

You say you ordered one? I get my Stinger parts from the local uniform shop. The reason they carry them is because the police and others who buy uniforms are the most likely to use the Stinger brand.

Yep I ordered 2 lens, they were only 69 cents a piece. I knew my lens was scratched, so I ordered them without really looking at the flashlight. When I received them, I realized they just dont slip in from the back.
Went to the Streamlight Website, and they say you have to ship the flashlight to a service center because they have special tools for the job.

So I guess that’s what I will do.

Thanks, Steve

What will they charge to do that? You can get the whole top piece with the lens in for about 24 bucks.

You may want to try buffing the scratches with some Brasso. The can says it can be used for this purpose. I used it on a my son’s watch “crystal” that was really bad. Just a little Brasso and my Dremel tool and it cleared the lens right up. I also did my watch and it took a relatively deep scratch and made it almost invisible. Might be worth a shot before you send off your flashlight. Or possibly try some of the stuff from the auto parts store that is used for the clear headlight lenses that are scratched/foggy.

That’s a great tip, thanks!

We have some silver polish… I wonder if that will work?