foundation wall anchors

Home advisor article, wall anchors, more drivel

The paragraph…‘How they work’
What’s omitted here or not known by the author who supposedly has worked in general contracting and landscaping is…
—installing wall anchors and an interior basement system does not relieve, reduce any exterior pressure/weight against any wall, the likely cause(s) is still there… got it?

—bowed in walls have exterior cracks, cracked parging etc so again, installing wall anchors and an interior system does not seal/waterproof the existing exterior cracks (block and brick walls)

— when these companies/contractors install those wall anchors, the rods that go THROUGH a basement wall will then have gaps/openings around the rods that these companies don’t seal/waterproof so, now ya have more openings in the foundation wall(s) where water, insects etc can enter.

Here’s an unbiased opinion on bowed foundation walls, scroll down to…
Basement Wall Damage
See cause… and see resolution.
Hmm, this is very different than what the article says TA do, and what interior system companies tell people to do.

Wall anchors were installed here, just like what homie–advisor says to do…
click photo to enlarge photo <-- click the link, then click SLIDESHOW
Basement continues to leak, more mold and efflorescence, some cracks have widened since the dumb wall anchors were installed. LIFETIME GUARANTEE ON… what???

The last paragraph in article above, GUARANTEE… he writes, most companies will give you a LIFETIME warranty for their work…’
Highly recommend to any homeowner to flat out ask these companies EXACTLY what is, supposedly, guaranteed for life, put it all down in writing because, I bet you, they do not guarantee the wall won’t move, crack in the future and that it won’t leak THROUGH the wall, through the existing cracks or other openings/cracked parging etc

Did you know a lot of these interior companies have, so called, service or maintenance crews that go out and try and repair the crap (cracks,leaks etc) where they have already installed an interior system etc?

We don’t have a service/maintenance crew, neither does J McEwen and I bet Integrity in Ohio doesn’t either.
That’s because there’s NO need to go back to peoples homes we where we did previous waterproofing, we don’t ‘do’ injections, haven’t and will never install wall anchors or cabon fiber straps or interior basement systems that don’t stop water from coming in…that’s the shtt where you’ll need service crews because you screwed up/didn’t care to diagnose the problems correctly and just installed the moronic things they do! If there ever is a lingering problem (and its never been where we did previous work), my butt goes back, not some crew, the owner goes back! Big diff.

Photos here are of one of the supposed LIFETIME guarantees, interior basement system <-- click the slideshow, or full screen or click any photo to enlarge
Well, where are they?
Why did the homeowner call us? C’’’'mon man, knock off ALL the crap, lies etc!!

Four letter words or not, the photos, videos don’t lie… interior systems, salespeople etc are full of crap, scam baby