What do you think of these stucco repairs?

The worst looking stucco repairs I think I have ever seen. Mu;ti million dollar condos on the lake.

It looks like they just patched the stucco instead of chopping it back to and properly re-doing it from the scratch coat. The one over the flashing would have me concerned. How was the inside wall? Did you have a thermal imager to check the inside?

No sir no thermal imaging. I would have loved to have one on this inspection though. On one wall they repaired most of the entirety of the wall and stuccoed over the control joints. Every patch was hollow sounding and you could see the mesh tape, looked like sheet rock tape, they used on almost each and every repair. Small gaps at windows premature cracking already at sidewall flashings. If it’s this bad at eye level I can only imagine what it looks like on the third floor level where I couldn’t get…

my experience is lowest bids win many HOA projects
they got what they paid for; no more and apparently less
the EIFS mesh may be the lighter weight cheaper fg material often used for back wrap