Stuck for a name

I saw this on an inspection the other day and I’m stuck for the right name
Gabled parapet wall is the name I used. Do you have any other ideas?image.jpg

The best I can do is some sort of gabel.
Never seen the likes.

Called it gabled rabbit run as part of it is. Pretty ugly looking thing.

Notice the peaked and double-peaked parapet walls made of deep red brick and nicely contrasting terra cotta. A timeless classic.

Looks more like a façade to me. Got a pic from across the street?

Store front facade that needs attention. :slight_smile:

Common on residential here.
Usually a 1920’s building.

Nope not that.

Thanks for the input
The house was built in 1935.
The front of the house had a similar parapet wall.



How about faux gable facade.

Thanks Bob for the link
I found “Peaked parapet wall” it seems to fit what I saw.
Once again thanks to all for your help.

False front

OP’s picture did not indicate residential.
So I guess it would be a parapet gable facade then from the other pictures.