Studying for the NHIE

The test can be found here.

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The test was very helpful!
Thank you!

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Welcome to our forum, William!!..Enjoy! :smile:

Follow Up
Thanks again, Charles!
I completed a HI certification program here in NJ, but there were a number of things (that I could probably fake, but) I really didn’t understand.
So, I started (and have almost finished) the Internachi certification. I’m a big Internachi fan, but I still knew there were some things that I just couldn’t wrap my head around, like the Freon gas-liquid-gas cycle, and some simple electric things that (shouldn’t need to be explained, but) I needed to be explained.
I was scheduled to take the National Exam yesterday (Sunday).
So, I was cramming and still struggling with some of the HVAC and electric.
Yesterday, I saw your link for your practice exam.* I got a 71%.
Fine, but I still didn’t get it, and I have no interest in being a fraud home inspector.
Then I saw you had videos on your site. I watched the Heating, A/C, and Electric …
Wow. Exactly what I needed.
Your pictures and explanations didn’t just tell me what I needed to pass the test. After watching I could actually explain things, like how and why an air conditioner worked.
Fantastic tools!
I took the exam (NHIE) yesterday and passed with a 620 (78%). I’ll take it.
There were no questions that I didn’t understand (ok, maybe swamp coolers).
I credit your videos. Again, thank you!

  • BTW, your practice exam was the closest to the national that I have taken!

Very appreciative,


Thanks for sharing your content, Charles!! This stuff helps a lot! New regs. for licensure in Ohio have forced me to fast-track some of these tests… I appreciate that you’re sharing it with the community!

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OMG!! Thanks Joseph! I’ve been scrambling to find study material that didn’t cost $300. The new (april-2021) Ohio rules caught me off guard. Thanks for your help!!

I gotta big smile on my face. I am glad to help. I am happy you passed and you sound like you have the right attitude to succeed in this business. Best Wishes

This part of sharing is easy. I hope it helps. Good luck.

I’m licensed in NY and am wondering if it would be worth it to take the NHIE as I’m considering becoming licensed in NJ also. Would taking the exam assist in getting licensed there? If there are any other NY home inspectors who have done this recently any information would be a help. Thank you.

Studying for the test, any tips? flashcards?

I just came across this thread and could not be more excited. I am preparing to take the NHIE and Texas state exams at the end of September and these resources are going to come in very handy, I can already tell. Thanks @cbellefontaine2 and @jdepiero!!

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