Studying the NHIE

Hi guys, So I bought both books for my NHIE exam and I’m reading them at home, But my job is so busy that I don’t have time reading my books. I can only read them at home since I work full time and only have a few hours after work to study.

So does anyone know of any kindle editions or audio books or YouTube videos I can learn on the go?

I’ve been only able to study 2 hours a night before bed. Ugh. LOL


I don’t know of any recorded books foe the NHIE.

When I took it there where some pictures in the books and I imagine there are a lot more pictures now days and that would be hard to visualize on a recording, I suspect. JMHO

The best of luck to you studying!

EDIT: Maybe they have videos/pod casts out but that won’t help when driving…


James, there is a reason these are not available on You Tube, audio books etc. Too easy to duplicate for free! Looks like your week ends will be busy! :blush:


True… Thanks :grinning:

If you don’t mind marking up your books, you could highlite the important parts of the topic as you go, and then just study the highlighted areas, That is what I did, I read the book front to back 3 times. It’s your book what are you saving it for, It is a time saver.


James, do you think you could retain the information just by hearing it?

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That is how I learned, what I could speak of, Uspanteco. the language of Uspantan/Quiché, Guatemala. And it was quite a bit in 9 months.

Jeeez Larry! I wish I had your gift! What other languages do you speak?

At one time I spoke English, French, German, Spanish, a little Italian and later the Uspanteco. But Kent, it has been 40 + years and I can still do some but certainly not fluent anymore.

My bride and I went to Chile and I was able to slip into Chilean Spanish fairly quickly.



I got a scholarship to go to the university of Freiburg, Switzerland after French, Spanish, and German in high school and at Central Michigan University. I had an issue separating Spanish and French so I stuck German in between the two and fixed that confusion. I’ve always had a liking to learn new languages ever since I was a shoe shine boy and polished the Mexican migrant worker’s boots before they brought in the cherry tree shakers to do the harvesting.

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Did you ever attend language school in Monterey, CA?

No, I did not attend any specific language schools. Being in Europe helped the most because I took the classes in the different languages and scheduled all my classes on Mon., Tues., and Wed. and hitchhiked all over Europe for 4 days a week.

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Good night, my friend.


G’night, Larry.

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Let me know if you fail. We are suing them.


How’s that going if you can say?

Sorry… thread hijack.

How’s that going if you can say?.

Really well. The judge ordered the NHIE to turn over the exam to me so that I can show that they are asking questions outside the scope of a home inspection. The EBPHI is fighting that decision and we all know why.


Yeah I might just do that. I don’t mind reading over and over but sometimes id like to break it up with a video or something related to what I’m reading. How did you do on your test? I heard its not as hard as the InterNACHI test

Internachi has (or had) a flash card type app that I used a lot when I studied for the exam… I crushed the exam the first go around (697) I believe the exam is scored 200-800 and you need a 500 to pass… I think the pass rate is about 50%… Good luck!

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