Sub panel with no ground or neutral

This is a first for me. The sub panel has all the hot wires while all the neutrals and grounds remain in the main panel. The main and sub are side by side. There’s a feeder coming from a 60 amp breaker in the main to the sub. All the hot wires are in the sub and the neutrals and grounds are on the same bar in the main panel. Has anyone seen anything like this?

Is there a generator involved? What was the other panel to the far right?

Not a sub-panel. Part of the Service

If anything the bonding jumper should be removed, only one per service is necessary.

Most likely the neutrals and grounds were terminated in the other panel which appears to be a part of the service equipment.

Hey Joseph, Yep, the neutrals and grounds both terminate on the same bus at the bottom of the main panel. I’ve never seen a configuration like this.

Hey Brad, there used to be a generator involved, but it’s been removed.

I haven’t seen that either, but I wouldn’t think its a problem, as long as the box is still bonded back to the other one. It looks like that conduit is metal, as long as there is also a metal lock nut bonding all the metal parts together. Otherwise the breakers may not trip if there is no ground fault path