Submersible pump wiring

Comments welcome. How should it be wired properly? 12 ga. goes to pressure switch.

First it needs a cover :slight_smile:
Second 12 ga is most likely good enough if on a 20 amp over currant devise.
Far as wiring to the pump goes ,how would we know unless we had mnfr instructions and more info.

What is the concern?

It’s rather hard to say from that picture, a 2 wire pump motor generally is wired with 12/2 w ground to the well head. A 3 wire pump requires a control box and 12/3 w ground to the well head. The wiring from the pump ( multi colored conductors ), usually do not leave the casing and are connected to the UG romex in the well cap. The UG romex is run back to the house to a control or junction box. Perhaps a sparky will add more details.

If the pump only utilizes 220/240, and has no need for 110, then why would a 12/3 with ground be required. The third conductor in a 12/3 is for neutral, which would only be neccessary if 110 is required.

Because of the control box. The capacitor and relay in the control box uses the extra wire to the 220v pump motor. With a 2 wire pump motor a control box is not needed.

Agreed. The 3 wires plus a ground from the pump normally go to a relay switch. The 3rd wire is a starter winding for the pump in many cases. However, there is no pump relay in the pic, so we don’t know what we’re seeing. :roll: