Submit your Best Defect Pictures for May Here

Since Pictures are being submitted in the Polls and April, I figured I might as well start May request. :wink:

Here are a few early Bird Pictures to get you all started.

Buck Hartley

The garage door opener will fit NOW!!!

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Scott Anderson

In a 130 MPH wind zone in Florida.

A well supported street light pole used as a beam…

Original brick column failed, added wooden makeshift log column, log column eaten by WDO, added another wood column, that too eaten by WDO. Then added an unsecured lolly column on a makeshift “footing”. All columns like this. :shock:

edit, one photo was not right side up…


I never have anything as cool as you guys.

looks like they are having trouble keeping it up…:wink:


Siegart 014 (Small).JPG

Good ones Guys, keep it up. And you too Jim. ;):mrgreen:

Who needs gusset plates?

That’s from wood pellet stove soot; you should see my vinyl siding…

This water heater vent pipe had negative slope and was vented into the masonry chimey with a huge hole in the side. There were bedrooms on the other side of the wall… I shut the water heater off immediately!!

best 1.jpg

Inside chimney

best 2.jpg

Yes it is, is your vented next to a window too?

they have insomnia, helps them get to sleep at night.

No but good point!

Requirements for mine reads in part: distance to combustible materials is 2 feet and not less that 4 feet horizontally from doors, windows, or gravity/ventilation air inlet into the building.

Here is an old brick built tuck-under garage. Note that the floor is created with poured concrete over steel joist. The owner had a wood burning stove below which heated the lower level. All the moisture/condensation from the stove has caused Major Corrosion to the joist, literally eating them away. Would you park your car in this garage?

Same with this one, 48 inches from operable window.

David J. Merkel

Gas boiler and water heater and NO CO2 detectors OH MY!

The TPR or TPV seems to be self replicating. Like an amoeba:roll:.

well it is “duct” tape… maybe they should have used register or diffuser tape…

More deck issues.They sure know how to build them here. NOT!!:mrgreen::twisted::roll:




That is a good one Greg. Unreal. :slight_smile: