sump pump discharge

hi. I found a sump pump emptying threw a check valve and then
conected to a y were it could go to the yard or the main drain.
both runs had shut offs. this was in flint michigan is this leagal or even up to code. thanks

Was it a Gray water system where non-sewage “gray” water is used on the lawn or to discharged to surface. These are permitted in some areas.

The Black sewage waste would still need to go to a septic system or main drain as you say.

Just clear ground water.

Sorry, misunderstood.

In my area we are not permitted to discharge run off or drainage water to the municipal sanitary sewer system as it is too expensive to treat in the waste stream. Ihave heard this is not true in all areas.

Thanks this is what i thought . so the run going to the city drain should
be disconected.

Depends on your local laws.
Call the waste water authority for the municipality where the home is.

OK. Thanks first time I found one hooked up this way.

Colorado does Not allow it ether.

Not allowed here in the Flint area (Genesee County). Flint Water System! Also I know it is not allowed in Macomb County. Detroit Water System.

I do not think it a allowed anywhere in Michigan.

The city of Davison is spending a lot of money to disconnect all of their Run-Off Sewers from their Sanitary Sewers due to the added costs & fines (if that is what they call it) It would be less expensive for the city.

Thanks, thats what I needed to know. I will let my client know that
the line hooked to the main drain should be disconected. Then have
system retested since that is the run being used.

Yeah… it is kind of interesting they would have it on a y connection though.
As long as he keeps that side closed there should be no problem if I am reading this right.