Sump Pump Discharge

I was looking at a home and I noticed the sump pump discharged in to the main sewer Is this legal? The home was in Brookfield, IL

Don’t know about Il but in Oklahoma its not allowed

Is there a trap? Even where there are no prohibitions upon discharging a sump pit into the sewer system (if there is such a place) one does not plumb to a sewer line without a means of blocking the sewer gases.

Another thing I always recommend, if already not protected by a backwater valve in the main building drain, is a backflow/check valve in the sump drain line.

not allowed here…

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Are you sure it is not a Ejector pump?
They have sealed covers and usually associated with basement bathrooms.
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Most likely it is against code in Brookfield to pump storm water into the main but you can always call Brookfield and ask them.

Most towns do not allow it.

In some towns the AHJ will throw a smoke bomb in the main and look for it to come out of downspout drains .

Remember we are not code inspectors.

I just picked up an inspection for 2pm tomorrow in Brookfield(go figure):slight_smile:
If you have access I would be happy to take a look.

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Interesting that I had a sump pump discharging into the main sewer line also.
May not be allowed but at the same time common.
Also had Romex in use.
Sorry about the rest of the country liking the stuff but everytime I see it it looks hazardous.
In this case they pounded brad nails right through the middle of the sheathing to attach it.
Omar I do not write up code stuff but I do make a comment to my client.
Warn your client that they may need to do something about it even if not wrong from a technical standpoint.

Same with mini breakers in Chicago.They work but are code violations.
We report based on state laws and national combined with health and safety.