Sump pump discharge

The house behind the house next door discharged her sump on to the house next door .
it was a lot of water covered the neighbours back yard and mine too.
Her discharge came out of the hill side 6 feet away from the fence line
I called the bylaw officer he said go and talk to her , He is very busy .
I went and talked too the neighbour .
WOW! she went over telling me it had been that way for 20 years and she was not going to do any thing about it .
**What would you do . **
I will post how we remedied it tomorrow.
All ideas appreciated … Roy

Based on the topography but I would find the natural path of drainage and ask her if I can attach additional pipe to rout the drainage to that area. Or if she is not allowing that I would capture it at the point it encroaches on my property and install a French drain to capture and again rout to the natural discharge point

like it .

she could send it out to the front of her home she is on a slight raised ground

Does it cause erosion or a nuisance? Is it any worse than when it rains? If the answer to that is “no”, I would ignore it assuming it is a rare occurrence.

When you live in close proximity to others, you have to put up with noise, lights, cars parked where you don’t like, unsightly yards, etc. It’s the price you pay for living in the suburbs.

Most municipalities have by-laws that basically address site issues. One commonly specifies the control of water and site drainage conditions. This typically includes not allowing water conditions that would impact neighbours.
Example -

Did this just happen Roy? If so, I guess I would be wondering where the water in her sump is coming from given that everything is frozen, unless Brighton has been a lot warmer than weatherman says it is today.

No it just happens every April and November for about 3 weeks ~
.Many in my area have the same problem .
She flooded my and the neighbours yard big time .
We all run our pipes out to the road .
It is down hill so all are buried 6 inches .
I offered to help her fix theirs and she again said no way Not very politely .
Last summer I got 6 feet of 1/4 hose and a can of expanding spray insulation .
Hose up her Drain pipe 6 feet and emptied the spray can .
We now have no more water problems for us .
Her drain now goes the other way on top of her lawn.

Your the king mate.

Good on ya, If she were my next door neighbor with that attitude I would have dug a trenct to a hole to collect the water installed a pump and hose and sprayed it back on to her property. It is hers after all.

There are municipal bylaws the homeowner has to respect while discharging water.
If it causes erosion to any of the neighbours they can be held liable for any damages.

I would have to review the lot to plan an effective water management plan.
I know the layout of the property somewhat roy.
The street you are on uses trenching if I am not mistaken.
Get the owners permission and I will come up and plan out a means to move her drainage water.
Dry wells also work well.

No way do I want to get involved with her .
Way too much water for a dry well
No road is paved and has rain catch basins ever 100~ meters or so.

Thanks for thinking of us .

I had one of these on an inspection. Water from an adjacent lot created a sink hole under the house! Major structural damage throughout.

You can’t dump on your neighbor around here but that is here.

I was going to say “Stick a cork in it”, but I see you did that already! :wink: