Sump Pump Drainage

Looking at buying a great home nearby that has a sump pump issue. I have toured the home and the looks great but the sump pump is running every time i go by (3 day period - rained 1st day). I am not an inspector but I think the issue would be related to pump draining to close to the front of the house and feeding back into pump pit.

The ground around this area is completely saturated. Do you think rerouting sump pump drainage will help?

Discharge of water should be at least 20 ft from building. Your photo shows it discharging way too close , which can be the problem , if not , then a huge contributing factor adding to it.

Be sure to ask your Professional Inspector about this when he/she does their complete evaluation of all the factors involved. You ARE going to hire a qualified inspector and not rely on your ‘touring’ of the home, right?

Thx… Yes Jeff… I am planning to get it inspected by a qualified inspector. :smiley: