Sump pump located outside

Never seen like this. Sump pump is located in cold room below main entrance stairs, four feet away from foundation and, of course, water is frozen and pump could not be operable. House built in 2003.

A photograph would be helpful

Then I assume you documented it as a deficiency for that reason.

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Thank you for reply. Yes i will, but how this can affect drain system performance?

of course, water is frozen and pump could not be operable

You could look at this 2 ways;

  1. The pedestal pump float is frozen all winter when the temperature is below 32F so the pump will not be able to be activated until the weather warms and the float is free to move

  2. This is a bad idea because if the pump is left energized all winter there could be a potential fire hazard
    I tend to go with #2 to be conservative. If there is water in that sump pit all year from either surface water runoff or ground water due to a high water table I would recommend some type of heating system be installed. If that were done the room should be inspected by the homeowner periodically. The cost of running a heater is a consideration for the homeowners operating expenses.