Sump in a garage???

This is dumb.

In NE Ohio we can have some sub freezing temperatures. Why would you place a sump in a garage (right by the overhead door) when there are areas in the basement like under the steps, closet or a corner.

There was an electric heater with a arced outlet. Dumb

Lets pay for heating the garage to keep the sump from freezing. Dumb

The interior system was only on half the walls. Dumb.

The efflorescence shown is on a wall that was not done. This is were I would of placed the sump. Under the steps. Out of sight with a door, easy access.

The condo also had an irrigation system. Dumb Lets add water to a home that already has a water problem.

117608 009 (Small).jpg

117608 021 (Small).jpg

117608 005 (Small).jpg

Is the block wall to the right of the sump an exterior wall, possibly partially below grade?

Reason I ask is that looks like a drain system at the base of the wall, which typically run into the sump.

Similiar to this setup. I’ve seen this in several homes around here.

The grade is level at the garage and goes up towards the rear of the home.

There is a large negetive grade in back and at the side.

The basement walls are all below grade and the garage is mostly above grade but there are portions of the garage towards the back that are partially below grade or at the frost line.

By looking at the condition of the paint on the first course of block, they have had water issues along that wall.

Sounds like there are some needed improvements to the grading around the entire house.

You got that right!!

Should of done exterior waterproofing.