Supply connections at water heater

Are these supply connections at top of water heater OK, don’t typically see this material in my areas. Appears to be braided polymer…Thanks

Was it something like this?

Product Description

Water Heater Connectors Flexible Braided Stainless Steel No-Burst 3/4Mip X 3/4 Compression Coupling Bulk Label Lgth. Ins.=18…
Each foot of No-Burst contains 250 feet of stainless stel wire. Non toxic polymer core resists chlorine and chloramines. Tightly sealed cone washers. Easy to grip, exceptionally flexible nickel plated brass hex nuts. 3/4`` female hose connectors at both en ds. Exceeds all plumbing code requirements. Meets agency standards. IAPMO Standard, PS74-95, CSA, SBCCI, FDA, NSF-61, A112.18.6 and UPC. 10 year warranty.
Hard to tell from the picture.

How about securing the lines?

Yes, but black. Looks like what you see used for washing machine hoses. I just don’t remember seeing them on water heater?

Never saw a black one either Norman. :slight_smile:

DSC03313 [320x200].JPGJust had those yesterday.

They are ok. Most big box stores have them. Kit comes with the hoses and the compression fittings as seen in your pic.