support beam

Having a house built and saw this in basement. Concerned with beam placement on concrete column and how high and how shifted shims are under beam. And concrete was broken off with a hammer or chipping gun(not flat at all)bed house2.jpg

bed house.jpg

bed house 3.jpg

The metal shims appear to be OK and the beam is sitting on at least three inches of support. I would be more worried about lateral movement. What will keep the beam from twisting or shifting sideways?

It likely never will but is a code requirement here in Canada.

Im assuming there are steel posts in the center of the span that are welded to the beam also. The use of the metal shims are correct and for twisting - the weight above and welded posts will prevent this. Ive seen this numerous times. Never did i call it out.

recommend packing it with non expansive grout

If that corner breaks off there could be some sliding steel shims problems. Maybe they never heard of a concrete saw. I would recommend repairs, by a qualified professional, to maintain the structural integrity of the beam and other structural components.

a beam pocket in the wall instead of a column, and a little careful planning would have solved all those problems.