supposed waterproofing experts who were looking to partner with Nachi

anyone know if these guys are still in business? :-k They still certified experts in fixing wet basements? #-o Can`t seem to find their BBB listing or any location, got milk?

Wish these guys could find something they do well :mrgreen:

If ya can`t take care of lawns then, ummm, may wanna stay away from
Basement Waterproofing, ok? #-o #-o #-o #-o #-o

G Carlin–
Ya know these guys who say they hear a voice inside their head which tells em to go out and kill 23 people, so they do. How come these voice`s never tell em to go take out their weener on the merry-go-round? Wait a minute…some guys DO take out their weenie on merry-go-round but usually its their own idea.

Mark, I have to say, your vigilance is something to behold. :wink:

pretty amazing eh? :mrgreen:

Ditto…Mark is sure a go-getter…:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Mark you “Got Milk” yet?..:smiley:


Not yet, still…in search of! :mrgreen:

Dave Matthews sings something like… 'The Space between, her 36 dds is, where ill be hiding, waiting for milk"