Supra Key

I do about 5 or 6 inspections per week.

I imagine without the Supra key, I would do 2 per week.

Lazy *** real estate agents ea?

I have those in my local area as well, therefore elect to drive outside of that service area and get paid more for fewer inspections.

what is a supra key?

Opens the little lock box on the door handles (usually) that contain the key for the house.


Great info Jeff, Thank You

I work in three counties in Central Florida and the realtors in one county always ask if I have a Supra key; which I am looking into. Do I need one for each county and need to belong to the realtors associations in all counties to key a Supra key? I am a small one man company and need to watch my overhead so can anyone answer these question ?

In my area I have to have a supra key or I do not work. It’s that simple.
I would have to drive 3 hrs out of my area to find work without it. It is a part of my business. If the utilities are not on or there is some other issue, I call the realtor and let them deal with it. I see no liability with me having a supra key.

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…He simply asked if he had to be a member of 3 realtor associations or not since he serves 3 counties or if 1 association key will work for all 3 counties :s

You can now use your key in the different locations of Central Florida. You just have to call and register it with each board. I have a Space Coast key that works in Orlando and Daytona.

It would be great if interNACHI could be an advocate and get on with Supra so we as home inspectors could all get affordable access across the country.

There is one association within a 2 hr radius and all the rest deny access to HI’s… Realtors only is what I am being told.

I am also being told if one association has access you can only us in their coverage area not another association area. The one that allows access is over an hour away from me.

If someone can disprove this for me that would be great. Hate to pay high association affiliate fees and Supra access fees not to be able to use in my area.


Where are you located? Place your location in your profile for specific answers to your area.

It would be great, problem is, at least around here, the RE Board (Cincinnati) has a contract with SUPRA and not even the smaller RE Boards in my area can offer SUPRA.