No More Supra Key?

I was looking into obtaining a Supra key in my area and while doing so I was discussing with some of my regular agents. Right now there is no issue for me to get the key, just pay the little xx$ a month fee, but one the agents advised there is a bill on the table to make Supra keys only obtainable to the Realtors and not to any affiliate members. I am not sure if this is a Virginia based bill, national deal, or just made up hearsay. Has anybody else heard of this as a possibility coming?

In California affiliates cannot get a supra key is tag answer we get at CVAR and bayeast


I don’t know about other states, but in VA, supra keys are issue by the local Associations.

In Richmond, inspectors can not get supra keys. I suppose it’s possible that other areas in VA are looking to follow suit. It’s annoying, but that’s just how it is.

You do not need them. It is a huge liability. I prefer the buyer’s agent be there, let me in, and lock up. No problems.

The BA either opens up or provides me with the lock box code.

No more supra key in my area means exactly that. They are doing away with the electronic key pads & switching over to smart phones. The sooner the better. :smiley:

Personally I never have nor will I ever in the future want or need to rely on a REA showing up for me to do my job.

I cover 2 metro areas, Cincinnati & Dayton. Cincinnati being a much larger market has supra, Dayton doesn’t, at least not yet. If you’re an inspector in Cincinnati and don’t have a supra key you would be considered non-professional by REAs.

The bill in question, if real, would never fly in Ohio.

In Richmond, and Northern VA, and perhaps all of VA, the Realtors are required to be at the inspection from beginning to end, so they don’t have a reason to let us have a key.

The minute they let us have one is the minute I’d buy one.

They are supposedly switching over to a smartphone app around here too.

Having the key is a cost of business around here. Same situation as kevin, if you don’t have one you’re “unprofessional”. It was $1500 to apply, $200/yr (or so) for the key, and then $35/mo subscription fee to the local mls.

I got my key at the end of april, and since then I have not had one agent attend a full inspection, or spend more than 15 min on site.

I have had the supra smart phone app for over a year.

It talks to a bluetooth fob that you point at the supra lock box.

How do you like it Mike?

works fine.

The fob is only about 1 1/4"square and 3/8 " thick.

You start the phone app and push a button on the fob. When the app tells you too you point the fob at the infrared window on the lock box.

It communicates and the app tells you to open the box.

Its a two handed operation which is a bit of a pain compared to the former keypad device but they lowered the monthly fee at the time of conversion.

Seems like if you need a fob that you might as well just keep the keypad.

Not sure but I thought the system they were talking about in my are doesn’t require a fob.

The fob is only required here if you have an Iphone. If you have android it runs on an app on your phone, and works flawlessly. I would say 30% of our inspections right now we do with no seller, sellers agent, buyer, or buyers agent present. Just us and the house.

Good to hear, unless you own an Iphone.

Thanks Glenn…

Yeah but they lowered the monthly fee to convert.

There is a newer supra system but I have not seen it here yet.

Only if your phone has IR capability.

Here is the fob.

SUPRA compatablility chart

Only if your SUPRAS are bluetooth capable

I have the old supra in one area the realtor always lets me in. My home town they have the new lock box the Realtors have to update a magnetic card once a week they never show at the insp anymore they punch in a contractor code 4 digit and give it to me via text works real sweet works just like a garage door opener

Unless you phone as a IR emitter it cannot open IR type SUPRAs.

There are newer bluetooth SUPRAs