Surface discoloration sign

Ok so I had a home yesterday with half crawl space and half basement. The home was about 80 years old and when I went into the basement there were signs on the foundation wall that said “ This area was treated for surface discoloration. It has not undergone sub-surface inspection. There is no guarantee of remediation. Buyer, Owner or Occupant is responsible for inspecting property prior to offer submittal or re-occupancy”.

Ok so I looked up “Surface Discoloration” and it basically was just saying that its non-uniformity of color in poured concrete. My question is WTF!! lol who cares if the color of an 80 year old foundation is discolored, why would someone recently have that inspected and honestly most of the foundation was block anyways. Is there something I am missing? Have you ever seen this before? Should I be looking for something because of this??? Thanks for your help!!!

Mould… sorry Mold remediation?

This looks better…

Lol, they got rid of the evidence. Kinda crappy if you ask me.

My guess is that they are trying to avoid future litigation by putting it right out there. They had three choices: Go through a full-blown exploration and remediation, cover it up and not disclose it, or disclose it and tell the buyer to beware. I think they probably did the most logical thing under the circumstances.