Surfs Up

Will do some time again.

I really enjoy that area.

I used to go there frequently when I had more disposable income :frowning:

I remember being a little kid clamming and cast netting mullet from the campground.

We dragged around a little inflatable Indian style looking raft. almost toddler size but it held a pile of clams :slight_smile:

I heard something wasn’t right about that area ;last time I checked.

How is the clamming now?

Same here Mike. Back in ht elate 80’s, a friend and I went there and filled up the trunk of his Ford Tempo with clams and ice. When we got back home, we gave a bunch away and just kept icing them down! Good times!

great post, Mike

Need to try real surfing sometime.
Actual funny story is that I was just teaching myself right after I bought it off a guy who was training for competition and though my skills were finally up to par then went about a mile out from shore on Lake Michigan.

Unless you live here you may not know the lake can get as rough as the ocean plus change at will.

So here I am a mile out thinking I’m a pro then all of a sudden the wind switches fro blowing into shore to blowing out with pouring rain.
To make a long story short I ended up folding the sail while in the storm and paddling back more than half mile from my car and ended up with a mild hypothermia.

Boats came by to rescue me and I waved them off in my pride while my GF waited on shore wondering what the heck I was doing.

Mike the windsurfer is the original model and was told it was made in Hawaii plus very difficult to use as the weight takes lots of muscle and the wood past peg works by swelling with water and getting jammed in.

30 years of use but not the last several as it sits up in the rafters.
Old age sucks…lol

Cool video by the way,what do you edit with?

Great video Mike shows people what a nice man you are at heart ! Your daughter will remember that for the rest of her life----- good stuff :mrgreen:

Thanks Fred.

That is why I do everything I do with her. The memories :slight_smile:


'Believe it or not windows live movie makercame with windows 7. That whas the first time Iused it.

Funny how I paid 6 or more hundred a few years ago for adobe premium video whatever it was.

I like it and it worked pretty Well.

It came together much better than several 30 to 80 seconds clips would have back to back. Easy to trim and reduce volume and such. I know I could add voice or musicif I choose but I have not triesd anything yet.

The thing that surprised me that no one would likely expect is the battery drain even with a Solid state drive. I about killed a full battery in under an hour :frowning:


We just got back from TRYING today :frowning:

We could not even get out.

Fun anyhow.

I’ll sleep good tonight.

very nice