Swimming Pool is not up to code?

It has been implied to me that this Florida swimming pool is not up to code but I do not understand what steps need to be taken to bring it up to code. Can someone please help? (I am not a professional).

Call a licensed pool contractor or/and ask the AHJ to help. There is not nearly enough detail in your picture to start. Why would you need to bring it “up to code”?

Who told you that it does not meet Code?
What particular area of the Code was deemed / delineated as Non-Compliant?
What particular Code reference was given to be Compliant WITH?

Not fenced in and he sleep walks at night. Therefore a safety hazard. :mrgreen:

Two much partying in the backyard would be hazardous to your survival. :wink:

When was the pool built? And, who told you it isn’t up to code?

Not much of a pool deck. Somebody built a house on top of it. Looks like some grade issues as well as what Marcel said.

Appears to me a pool house addittion was added on to the house after the pool was built.

A wider picture of the whole area would be more helful. :):smiley:

Then the pool isn’t the problem, is it? :wink:

Eric, the only thing we see is the pool house add-on or whatever it is. Your guess is just as good as mine. :):wink:

There was a patio, probably with two or three steel support posts, and somebody closed it in. If I remember, there is a formula for how far the pool has to be away from the structure. 1/2 of the deepest part, I think.

Apparently in Indiana, it is 10 feet!


Yeah, but the poster is from Florida. :slight_smile:

True, which is the first part of my previous answer. Blowing up the picture, it is a patio that someone turned into a screen enclosure.
Our patio is sort of like that, but no screen room. We have an enclosure to goes over the entire pool.

The pool is fine…the rest of the house…not so much! :smiley:

Probably the best advise in this case. With enfasis on the local AHJ where the pool is located.


So can we find out here what the problem was?
The Title was Swimming Pool is not up to code , and all I saw was an addition to a house close to the pool that didn’t look right.

No pool up here for me. :wink:

just some info section 406.3


hope this link works

To the best of my knowledge the pool like the rest of the home doesn’t need to be up to present code. It does however need to be safe. The Florida pool safety act makes it a misdemeanor to not provide a barrier (fence,screen, safety cover etc.) but does not say who is to provide such leaving it as a point of discussion between the seller and buyer. The wiring should be held up to the same standards as the rest of the home with emphasis on the grounding and bonding. The bottom drain should have a VGB approved cover but again it’s not required for sale. In other words I’d point it out but I wouldn’t call it a “defect”. If you’re not familiar with the items I mentioned I would look to hiring a pool professional to do a separate inspection as these are just the start. You can find a “pool pro” at www.floridapoolpro.com , that’s the Florida Pool and Spa association’s web site.

Thanks Lawrence for the information, and could you go into the control panel and insert where you are from.
It might help some in your replies in the future. :slight_smile:

Sorry that used to be there, I’ll update it again now. Thanks for pointing it out.

You should not be thinking about meeting ‘code’. Which code? You should be thinking of safety.

Present building codes require 7 feet or more separation b/n the house in pool. My electrician would say that any metal including the screen door that can be reached from the pool, must be grounded.

My advise is to have a frank conversation with the person that found the issues and discuss solutions. The picture alone does not give enough information on it own.

Dont you mean Flori-DUH?