Tablet Recomendation

Good morning everyone.
I am a new HI (with HACHI application in hand) and I have a question about Tablet PC’s. Is there a preference for a particular one that most HI prefer? When I was taking classes the instructor had a Toshiba that he liked a lot. I have listed three below that I have been considering. The Gateway is 7 pounds so I might just forget it all together. I would appreciate your opinions.
Thank You!

Gateway® CX210X

HP Pavilion tx1000z

**Portege M400

My preference. . .

Tablets are nice if you have the right software packet to go with it. I’d go with a software package that works for me and then match the hardware to the software.

For myself, I converted by old paper checklist to a PDF and use a old Fujistu 3400 tablet with it. The checklist is bookmarked and I use PDF Annonator to write on the PDF just like I did with my paper checklist. It definitely saves on paper and ink cartridges. Then latter, I use my HI software to turn it into a report.

The tablet is 2001 technology and is available for a price that I’m willing to pay (~$250) on eBay. Back in 2001, the tablet cost about $3k.

The battery only last for about 2.5 hours max which is what you get with modern tablet/laptop batteries. I have several spare batteries that I bring along just in case I have a 2nd inspection that needs to get done that day.

I use the Motion Computing Tablet.

here are some others:

Samsung Q1:


Thank you for the suggestions. The Toughbook looks nice and I have heard good things about them. Pricey, but great units.

Peter, we are neighbors by the way, I see you are using a true tablet PC instead of a convertible notebook computer. Do you like it better than a notebook style computer? How is it for typing and printing reports? Seems like it would be great for carying around the home as you inspect.