Take a guess as what this device is!

Posting this in the plumbing section is a hint.

Is that a sensor to switch on some type of heating element for water pipes?

Close paul but I think it is reading the out side temperature so the heating system can see it needs to produce more heat for the building .
Be interesting to see what others say and what it realy is for .

Roy Cooke

Roy and Paul

I specifically posted in the plumbing section…it is a sensor, but for what?

It is a rain sensor for a lawn irrigation system.


Right on!!!

I didn’t know you guys needed to water the snow up there Mario! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

That was my guess as well…just too slow on the draw:) Blaine, you southern chaps are too funny…I even had someone a while ago, just amazed we even knew what an A/C unit was up here:):):slight_smile: Last night chinook winds 12 degrees C. Only shoveled once so far this season.


Have not seen snow as of today! Actually it’s raining today.

It’s raining here today too. The rain sensor on my lawn sprinkler system has the system shut down:D Chilly here too, only 74 here for a high, and going down to 55 tonight. I need to find my long johns!:shock:

You guys have A/C units??? Just to keep the Molson cold, right?


Go ahead rub it in. I can’t remember the last time we had 74 degrees.:mrgreen:


you are so wrong, it’s a snow sensor wired to an alarm to let you know to get up at 5 am and break out the snow blower:mrgreen:



ROTFLMAO :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Sorry Gerry, I forgot what it was like to live up north. Perhaps that was on purpose…:wink:

snowblower- that’s a dirty word around here…unless your “Frosty the snowman”;):slight_smile:

Those sensors have been required down here since 1991 or 1992

??? :margarit:

Got to 78 here today, and we’re expecting 52 tonight.

Gerry, I had a snow removal business at 8200 ft. in the Rockies for 12 years. I was wishing hard for a sensor like that. I had to wake up every few hours to check snow depth.