Square D Pushmatic

Posting this in Florida because it’s a four point. Old Square D pushmatic and old style disconnect. Appreciate any info anyone has in regards to a four point. Other three components are garbage also just looking for input.

Bulldog is the only one who made pushmatic from what I have seen
The disconnect looks to be a 100 amp three pole with neutral in centre being switched
.Double taps on the wires to the fuse holders and the centre fuse holder \looks like a 1/2 copper pipe
This disconnect would not be allowed to do this in Canada and I expect the USA also not approved ,
Can not make picture large enough to see much . looks like white wire used on 240 volt two pole breaker should be identified BLK

. centre Canadian Spelling

So Roy, would you say this needs an upgrade ? Thanks for the reply also

Yes it is needed immediately .

Looks like a a/c liquid line filter in the middle ?

That was only part of it actually. There were 4 panels aside from the main disconnect. I had a hard time making heads or tails out of all of it. Not sure why it even had all that. Small house, no pool just a basic small house. Water heater dated back to 76 with no TPR. Told the owner he would have to invest in some upgrades for safety and insurance. I thought he would flip out and refuse to pay me but he just said ok send me some recommendations. Suppose it’s all in the delivery.:mrgreen:

For a Florida 4 point I would just show picture and mention fuses and let the underwriters make their own mind up. Suggesting an upgrade WILL SCREW YOUR CLIENT. Just report what you see and let the underwriters decide what they want to risk or do.

Wayne that is why I receive payment when I arrive. Doesn’t it really suck to have that worry when you are just trying to do your job and be honest while doing so.

You got lucky. I have been screwed several times by folks who figured why pay me if they are going to get hurt or not get discounts.

I NOW NEVER HAVE THAT SICK FEELING IN MY STOMACH. I always have my money in my pocket and am free to act, talk and be as honest and straight forward without worry of REPERCUSSION. If you do enough and walk and talk as you do insurance inspections you will I guarantee get screwed or get that sick feeling in your stomach sometime. It sucks and I have figured a 100% way of avoiding it EVERY-TIME. :slight_smile: Best decision I have ever made. I am fairly certain it saved my payment just the pother day with the weirdo that made his kid write a promise note not to go outside. He called asking if I cashed his check which I only accepted because he claimed I did not tell him about my procedures " I doubt he was right" He called the other day sounding pissed that he did not get the same markings he had on his last report…I sounded as if he felt he should not have to pay for a report that did not save him money. We will see if he stops payment which will cost me $30 on top of not getting paid. I waited till this afternoon to reply to his email asking me to review his report to by myself a couple of days. I’ll keep you all posted if he finds a way to screw me :frowning:

While I do agree with you on a certain level there were things that he needed to know. Out of town client , never met him so we just had phone conversations with him relying on me for input. They look for some guidance where critical issues are going to cause problems with insurance. I never guarantee anything just inform of the chance of failure on components and insurance. I assumed the risk when I agreed to schedule the job. Having taken a few hits in the past have learned to at least reduce the risk of non payment. With all the good clients I have they far out number the bad and so I keep my faith in humanity and enjoy what I do.

That sick feeling in your stomach does not drive you crazy when you do your job and treat folks great and still feel like you are going to get it in the rear?

It is like a weight off my chest. You ever see the COPD commercial where the Elephant is sitting on a guy. Well the sucker just got up and left when I changed my payment arrangements :slight_smile:

I can count the number of times on one hand that I did not get paid after 20k inspections. You just need to know how to listen and talk to people. In this industry most inspectors come from a construction background which does not prepare them for the proper people skills and great customer service that makes a difference. We only get paid before the report is delivered and after we do the inspection.

So can I…1.
In 20 years…

You see I do not like to play games and I am honest. If I have to change the way I talk to get paid then there is a problem. I like to be able to shoot straight and NOT have to WORRY about getting paid. Not getting paid once is way to much :slight_smile:

Only one non-payment in 13 years, about 10 years ago. Freaky out of town buyer’s that backed out before I could submit an invoice to the escrow agent. I have only had an issue about once or twice a year where I had to track it down and follow up with another email or call.

Got stiffed by an agent who was paying the bill once. Right after the job he was investigated, charged , suspended and might have even went to jail.
My good friend is an HVAC contractor who writes off about 500-1,000 a year in non payment.

That really sucks and ruins your whole mood for the day. I am thrilled and happy about my decision and have never looked back. Win, wIN AS FAR AS i AM CONCERNED. wHEN i SHOW UP as promised I get paid as promised regaurdless of any situation unless they just never show. I have not had that happen yet but really hate it when there are not there even after calling to confirm and they feel it is no big deal for me to wait 10 minutes. It screws everyone else up for the day. Some people have no consideration for the time of others. Mostly Doctors…with their god complex.

You forgot to capitalize “God”:frowning:

You are correct. Shows exactly how much I care about it though :slight_smile: