Telescoping ladder - has anyone tried using these?

Doing fine inspector Kip at this moment. You remember I went through Lyme’s disease. Then a couple months ago my wife had a heart attack and had to have a few stents put in. Besides that we’re all doing well.

Hey Larry, Harbor Freight sells some dubious products, and I only chance it with things that don’t come between me and my personal safety…like moving blankets and wood clamps (though these could kill if I try hard enough). At any rate, I’ve been using a telescoping ladder I found on Amazon (Lion Ladder, I think?) that has flip-out outriggers which provide lots more stability. I’m 225, on a fasting day, and pushing 60 years old. I am extra careful on it since these are not generally deemed the most safe style of ladder. The outriggers sold me on it, and are proving beneficial…so far. And, I also carry a 6-step which I use often.

Glad to hear it Master Roy! What a year 2020 has been. Ready to move on! Sorry about your wife and happy to hear that Lyme disease is behind you. Things are OK for me. Could use a little more business, but can’t really complain too much. Seem to get lots of wind mits and 4 points, even though my prices are high! Have a great Thanksgiving!

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To you as well Sir!
It has always been a fun talking to you.

Really! …

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I have upper medium grade that is 11ft. 275 lb load capcity and weights around 30 lbs. I can’t recall the make and I’m too lazy to go out and look but it’s pretty darn sturdy when fully extended. I only use it to access attic space when it is limited or the pull down ladders aren’t worth the trip. I haven’t had any issues so far and seems that all the locking mechanisms are solid.

I’ll weigh in here. i use the tactical version from Telesteps. It is completely black.
It is I believe 14’ fully extended, so leaving a 3’ section over the gutter that limits my roofing expedition to what’s left. So basically only a one storey ranch. That’s my safety checked off there.
The feet are non marking flat pivoting. The top a yielding rubber like that does not mark. It can adapt from 6 to 10 foot inside for attic scuttles.
I’ve never had an issue.
Totally feel safe every use

Extend & Climb is my jam. I’ve been using the 16 footer for over 4 years. Caution by the user and proper use prevents injury. Beware of sealed driveway pavers with morning dew. Put it in the grass…
You will still need an A frame from some situations.
Be safe.

Mine didn’t come from harbor freight. I only buy from there if I don’t need a top grade tool. My telescopic ladder works great and has never failed me. They are perfect for taking into the house for attic entry.

I’ll chime in with xtend and climb as well. I’m a big guy and have the 16.5 ft 1a rated. Only had it about a year but when the time comes I’ll immediately buy another.


I don’t want to get into a Harbor Freight debate, but in my experience I’ve had wood clamps fall apart under normal use, snap ring pliers fail, sanding discs disintegrate too easily. So, I obviously shop there, but think it’s a good idea to check out the product before dropping the cash, especially something as safety-oriented as a telescoping ladder.

Thank you for your information.

Thanks for the information I’ll check into that.

Agreed thank you for sharing.

Thanks for sharing.

Is it a xtend?

Michael, I picked up a rubber backed carpet sample at the carpet store. It work’s great for those slippery decks and pavers, etc. And it rolls right up and fits in my bag.


That’s and excellent idea Larry :slight_smile:
Thank you!

I use two of the Extending Type Ladders. Had an Extend and Climb for many years and was happy with that until it broke. I now have a 10 foot one from Target and about 20 foot one from Home Depot. They provide everything I need in a ladder. A couple of times I have had to back my truck up and use the extra height to get on top of commercial buildings. This is actually quite safe as my storage base prevents ladder from moving.

One Rule I follow is to always check the locks before climbing :slight_smile:

Smart man there!

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