Which Extendable Ladder?

I am considering switching from my ridiculously heavy Little Giant Ladder to an extendable ladder. I have been doing some research and found that most of these ladders will fail over time and I am not sure what the best choice is. What manufacturer is best? Can anybody share their experiences with these ladders so I can be more informed?

I use a little giant for the exterior and a 12.5 foot extend n climb for the interior. Works well for me. They have an indicator that lets you know its locked in.

15.5’ Xtend n Climb is my go to ladder. Just watch your fingers when collapsing the ladder.


Be very careful…when getting on the ladder from the roof…the bottom can easily kick-out. Pushing on the ladder section above the roof line can cause this.
You may want to secure the bottom and the top.

extend n climb vs telesteps, my vote is extend n climb

Extend n Climb is the best . I had one that would not retract very well …They sent me a new one.

I recommend you avoid this type of vertical mounting/climbing device consisting of a series of bars or steps between two upright lengths of metal used for climbing up or down heights.
Ladders play a big role in thousands of accidents around the home.
A Consumer Reports analysis of data from the Consumer Product Safety Commission finds more than 160 deaths and about 170,000 injuries related to ladders in 2007, the latest year for which full data is available.
“No pinch closure system™” which prevents crushing your fingers if you forget to pull them out from between the steps when closing the ladder.
Rungs have been known to release without warning.
The feet are rounded. Think about that statement alone.
the biggest negative of telescopic ladders are that they make poor replacements for stepladders or small A-frames that provide stable free-standing ascent for a variety of uses - See more at: http://www.ladders-direct.com/blog/pros-and-cons-of-telescopic-ladder/#sthash.l4Dsg3tU.dpuf

I disagree.

Telesteps but only the wide step version. I have two, a 12.5 and a 14.5 foot. I only used the 26’ LG once last year.

When the choice includes heavy or greater possibility of slip or fall, I will choose the free work out every tine.

Little giant is the way to go for me 17 ft.

17 years still works great Heard too many stories on
extend n climb , telesteps, collapsing

He didn’t ask what ladder, he asked what extendable ladder.

So tell me do you think I should not tell him we have had Home inspectors seriously hurt with extendable ladders Collapsing one guy spent many months in the hospital…

I have not heard of any one complaining about LG causing them to be hurt.
He also mentioned LG on the first post.

Yes, he mentioned he was going to switch AWAY FROM a Little Giant. Don’t be obtuse.

So sorry Stan I did not mean to upset you .
I will try and be more observant in the future .

Extend and Climb after I broke my telesteps. Telesteps does seem to be made better now though.

LOL a weee bit touchy I guess Roy. :roll:
I appreciate your opinion. I have the Little Giant 17’ and while it is a bit heavy, I need the exercise every once in a while. :wink:

While I have to admit though I envy the ease of carrying extendable ladders, they are scary to me. I always picture them collapsing.

We have a NACHI inspector who was laid up for many months from one extendable collapsing . and many others who have also been hurt .

I’ve used an extend and climb 12.5 ft ladder for a year now. It costs more than the knockoff, but it is worth it for the increased safety. Yes, you have to be very careful to make sure the stages lock, but not an impossibility. I also have trouble with lowering the ladder in cold weather, but still a better choice for me.

I use this ladder on every inspection and rarely get my LG out. Extend and climb is 30 lbs vs 55 lbs for my LG.

X Tend & Climb is the only telescoping ladder to use in my opinion, with that being said pay attention every time you open it and keep in mind they wear out Mine need replaced about every 2 years. I use it multiple times per day, I consider replacement every 2 years a fine tradeoff to having to drive a truck or have ladder racks on my roof. I drove Toyota Priuses from 2007 to 2015 and Bought plug in Chevy volt in June of 2015. I have over 15,000 miles and have only used 84 gallons of gas.