Great Deal on a Telescoping Ladder

I needed a new ladder for closet attic hatches. I like to keep one specifically for interior attic use so as not to have any chance of tracking dirt in. My current ladder at 4 years old and heavy use was showing deterioration and some denting on the rungs. I deemed it out of service today and jumped on Amazon to find an alternative. I found one with great reviews and a great price, then I saw it also had a $30 coupon available so it was literally an unbelievable deal. Anyhow, figured I would share if anyone needs a ladder.

Good capacity, my telescopic is 5 years old!

Had one of those telescoping type ladders collapse out from under me while in a garage attic a couple of years ago. I was just framing an attic photo when It collapsed and left me hanging by my arms for a moment (on the sides of the scuttle opening) I then fell 8 ft onto to the concrete floor and landed flat on my back. Both of my arms were black and blue for a while, it was a miracle that I did not suffer any serious injuries. Since then I only use A frame type step ladders and a quality D rung type extension ladder.


Inspect it. Probably the most dangerous tool we use every day.


Yes, It has a bit of flex :grinning: 240 lbs on a 250 cap, pushes it! :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a few ladders. I only use my telescopic for attic entry. Nice for extending to length, carefully pushing up an attic access door. My wife made me a nice padded protective sleeve that slips over the top of my ladder to help prevent damage to the access door.

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They vary in quality. What brand was it, Russell? Did you determine why it failed?

I think any time you have a ladder with a lot of moving parts the chances for failure increase:

  • Parts wear;
  • Dirt and grease can accumulate and interfere with proper operation;
  • People become complacent over time and aren’t as careful about making sure that each section is securely locked.

I’ve had mine for more than 10 years and it still feels solid, but it’s an Extend & Climb and they sell for over $300 for the 12.5’ model.

Mine weighs 32 lbs. I see that this one weighs 30 lbs. These are relatively heavy, and to me heavy is good. It means durable, heavy duty aluminum parts.

I had the pro series Extend and Climb but it was 15.5’ and it is still going over 10 years.

Care and maintenance are paramount to its life, IMHO.

If I used it on a deck, I would put down a rubber backed carpet sample to help keep it from slipping out. :smile:

I had a 12.5’ for interior only.

Yep! My X&C has been good to me for very many years. I don’t think I would buy any other brand.
As with all tools you have to know how to use them properly.
With the X&C just make sure you see all green dot. That way you know all the rungs and locked in.

The brand that collapsed under me was an Extend and Climb (I paid about $300 for it new) It was in good repair and always kept inside. Too many moving parts and points for failure in my opinion. I will not buy another.

Did you look to make sure all the rungs were locked in?

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That is the question!

I want this:

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Looks like a good way to wind up in traction.

No it isn’t ! Just buy the 1A or 1AA type. OSHA approved.

Great price… I’ve owned 2 E&C’s since 2003 the only reason I replaced it was because the feet and strap handle wore out and it got to looking ratty. I still use the old one at home around the house doctored with tape. Personally, the one ladder I would never own is a little giant.


I bought a similar telescoping from Amazon and it is flimsy… I use it in tight spaces where my others won’t fit. It is not nearly as sturdy as the Extend and Climb. Fully extended it’s scary - very springy. It says 300lb rating, but I’m 200lbs and that thing is moving when I’m on it.

If anyone is looking for one, Sherwin Williams carries the Extend and Climb commercial series under a different name, I think the pro series +, but it is much cheaper than getting one from Extend and Climb directly.

For me, if I had it to do over again, I would wait until I could buy the Extend and Climb.

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Keeps me off the 2nd story roofs… :stuck_out_tongue:


As Master Roy said, you have to be sure each rung is locked in. If mine gets wet, which it frequently does, I open it up in my garage and wipe off each rung and let it dry. I also use silicone spray on it occasionally. Do not use any oil-based products such as WD40 as the mechanisms will collect dirt and may stick.
And don’t get cheap, buy the best telescoping ladder/step ladder etc. available. Falling is never fun!