Telescoping ladder - has anyone tried using these?

This seems to have good reviews - I would like an inspectors perspective.

Stay away from harbor freight junk. Unless you want to die.
Spend some money on the tools that are for your safety and livelihood. Nobody wants to be the in field product tester for something that if inferior, Which all products at Harbor Freight are, may cause you to fall,get electrocuted etc.
The dead guy wasn’t able to write a review. The others who wrote a review probably didn’t use it more than once. :laughing: The positive reviews are probably fake harbor freight bots.


Unfortunately, telescoping ladder have been known for failures and safety related issues. This topic comes up every now any then. I recommend staying away from this type of ladder.
1: Faulty locking mechanism.
2: Unstable Base. Bottom ends are rounded.
3: Poor stability. They bend and shake.

Read more here. Common Faults With Telescoping Ladders.


Thank you for the warning.

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Thank you for your opinion. You’re exactly right anything that affects our safety should not be skimped on.

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I use 2 types of ladders.
Multipurpose. A crossbreed of a step and extension ladder.

The multipurpose ladders are sized to height. 13’, 17’ and 21’.
The step ladder, molded glass fiber composite, non conductive, for ascending to the attic hatch or descending into a crawlspace.

If you purchase an extension ladder I recommend you purchase a pair of out riggers and a pair of rubber bumper guards.

13 types of ladders.


What he said…
I’ve been using the Xtend & Climb Ladders for many years with no problems.


Sorry for my bluntness, I don’t like ladders period but sometimes you have to use them.
Related story, the wifey showed me a aluminum extension ladder for 40 bucks on Facebook market place and I pointed out all the problems with said ladder. Then to not offend her I showed her the original price was 20 bucks more. This appeased her.
At least you are doing due diligence.

Has anyone used the Gorilla or Little Giant multi use ladders?

Little giant are riddled with flaws. I used them all the time because my employer only provided them. They are garbage. I can upload pictures. Unless I deleted them. I took pictures to try to get a decent ladder. I threw them away they took them out of the garbage and had people use the broken ladders. Needless to say I don’t work there anymore.
I gotta go. Getting way too worked up. LOL :laughing:

I know you can only see the broken part but the locking function is poorly designed also.

I will have to make a sticky note :memo: Thanks

Same here, Roy. They have been great for me.

I use the Xtend & climb the same as Larry and Roy. However, they sell them with different weight ratings. Both of mine (12’ and 15’) are 300# rated, even though I am about 205#. I recommend you get the 300# rated ones. They do not flex as much as the lower-rated ones.

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I echo what Joseph said spend the extra and get the professional contractor 300# rated model a little heavier to tote around but you’ll feel more secure and stable when using it. Keep it well lubricated but don’t use WD-40, I’ve found that furniture polish works the best.

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I find this works the best.


The manufacturer recommends dry silicone spray to lubricate the ladder. Additionally, when my ladder gets wet, which it does frequently, I open it back up when I get home and dry it off.

I too have an Xtend that I am happy with. There is a wide variance of quality with these telescoping ladders. The Xtend brand is much heavier and stronger than the others I researched. H

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