Telesteps Ladder Pricing?

Anyone buy a 14’ recently?

Who has best price?

Look on Amazon

That ladder system is nothing more that an accident waiting to happen
What ever price you find is too much!!!


I’m looking at new trucks, do you know of any that are “accident free”?

My next ladder is going to be 30ft+. I bought a 22 ft and Im tired of telling clients that I can’t reach their roof.

Any ladder is an accident waiting to happen if you don’t take proper care and precautions during use.

I couldn’t imagine doing an inspection without my Xtend and Climb.

Strange I got by for ten years with a 17 ft Little Giant .

Please read the following post… Roy

Jeffery is just one of many Homies who found out about these ladders

Yeah Roy someone told me I could get by with a 17 so I bought a 22 just to be sure. So many houses that I inspect are higher than that though.

That’s why I have a 25 power scope on a try pod .
Much safer did you read about Jeffery . He is just one of many who will not use that type of ladder again .

I can’t find what you are talking about Roy. Send me a link

I’ve been using an Extend and Climb for about 7 years now, and haven’t had any mishaps, knock on wood.
I’m always careful in setting it up, especially coming down.
They are great for indoors, and finding that little scuttle hatch in the master bedroom closet,
where you couldn’t position anything else but something like an Extend and Climb.
I gave it a thumbs up a long time ago.
Same for my Little Giant Fiberglass 22’
Best two ladders I’ve ever owned. :smiley:

Steve, that is exactly what I am looking for. Not a heavy duty workhorse, but something I can throw in car trunk for a quick wind mit look in Port St. Lucie attics.

I use Xtend & Climb too. It’s a great ladder for indoors but the couple times I’ve used it to gain access on a roof I didn’t like it. The top rungs are not very wide and it just doesn’t feel safe. For roof inspections I like Gorilla Ladders etc. The Xtend & Climb works great to get in attics or other tight spaces.

Juan -

I’m with you. If I can’t get on the roof with my 17’ LG (and set back angle, etc gives me about 13’-14’ of useable ladder), I give buyers 2 options … they can call a roofer OR I can call a sign truck to lift me up to see it eyeball to eyeball (he’s very reasonable $150-$175).

Its totally ludicrous for a home inspector to be trying to carry 24’ to 32’ extension ladders to scale mountain peaks AND not be safe for the paltry $$$$ we get for the average home inspections

That’s right, Dan. Those extension ladders are so big and heavy that it takes 2 men to handle them safely. Having a 2nd man on the job is beyond any S.O.P.