Tell the client or no?

Tomorrow I’m doing a home inspection on a house that I inspected a couple of months ago. At that time, the client had a septic inspection done but not by me. I heard that there was a problem with the tank. If this isn’t mentioned to the new client, should I bring it up?

I have a section/narrative in my reports with regards to Septic Systems. It recommends to have Septic Systems be inspected by a Qualified Contractor that meets all the State Required requirements, or something to that effect.

I hear all sorts of crap all the time, I generally don’t pass much of it on.

Where did this information come from and do you have permission or authority-by law or otherwise-to share it?

Don’t compromise yourself.

I heard it from the previous clients.

It is unbelieveable freeking sad how people these days take something that they hear as gospel.

This is what is wrong with our country, our people, and are attitudes these days.

Get off the darn electronic devices, and investigate it yourself.

That’s not a good source to quote. Just suggest an eval like Brian mentioned.

I recommend, actually, before they hire me to do a home inspection, to get a septic inspection done. Here, most of the septic systems are 30+ years old and it may be very costly to replace/repair.

I had two deals last year that fell apart because of the septic inspections. The clients thanked me for saving them my fees.

It doesn’t matter what you heard. Simply recommend a septic inspection. I think Russell Hensel actually has a form he sends to his clients with the pre-inspection agreement where they have to check off what inspections they want and don’t want.

Pretend you’re the new clients and/or you were buying this house. Would you want to know this info even if it is “hearsay”? I know I would and I’m sure that they would too. If it turns out to be hearsay and everything is kosher, then that’s great, a win-win for everyone.

Just say, “I don’t know if this is true or not, but I did hear that…”
I’d even give them the past clients # to get more information if they were o.k. with it…

I agree with others as well, you should always recommend pumping/inspection by a qualified septic professional. This can usually can be negotiated by the buyer’s agent to have done with the transaction if there are no records/documentation of recent pumping/inspections.

Whenever someone asks if I do septic inspections, I send them to a septic contractor to pump it out and have it checked out. As far as my having said “I heard it from the clients”, they had a septic contractor come in and do as I recommended. The clients then told me that the septic tank would need to be replaced. In regards to “It is unbelieveable freeking sad how people these days take something that they hear as gospel.”… lighten up Gary. All I asked was whether or not I should pass that info on. There’s a whole lot more that’s wrong with this country than taking people at their word. The fact that we can’t take people at their word is more of the problem…

So then you must have no problem passing on the really great info as well, no matter the source. :slight_smile:

Hmmm… That puts a little wrinkle in it. Didn’t that report get shared with the owner? In Illinois that would have to be disclosed if the owner was made aware of it.

If it was not a written report by the septic contractor then I wouldn’t share it. If it was, I would encourage them to question the owner and the owners Realtor for all information regarding previous inspections. They know it was inspected, if the Realtor lies about it it’s on him/her. Either way I personally wouldn’t feel comfortable sharing a report which was not mine and I definately wouldn’t mention something which was wasn’t even put on paper. If that contractor didn’t write it down then it’s not a documented fact. JMHO

Good luck with it whatever you choose. Good discussion. :slight_smile:

it would cost more to go to court than a whole new septic system. win or lose. are you in love with lawyers?

If you do not say anything about the septic, and it has issues guess who the client will be calling.

Simply say in your report that you have previously inspected the property and based on your prior knowledge that they need to have the septic system inspected and certified that it is in proper operating condition. Or, if the owner can provide proof that they system is operating properly they can choose to use that information if they desire.

That is all you have to say and do and you have not said anything about the system being bad. You only said that based on your prior knowledge.

Yes, you need to let your client know that they need to have the septic system inspected.