Tempered glass railings

Has anyone inspected these? What are the requirements.
Is there a chart for glass spans.

Code requirements, which vary from state to state, county to county and as application to application, are critical when inspecting components and entire railing systems.

Some specifications, such as 42-inch height requirements from the floor, are common to most glass handrails, many factors are specific to the project.

These include:

  1. linear footage, or the amount of glass railing;
  2. number of splices, corners and end caps;
  3. and special environmental considerations, such as the base or floor materials, the curving needed and the surrounding details - columns for instance - that will interrupt the railing.


Thanks, for the link David

Tempered glass is good for railing because it wouldn’t harm if break by chance. These provide best quality and proper price.

And what if it is higher than is comfortable to fall?:shock:


You can try eseekgo tempered glass. It is very cheaper and high quality 2.5d 9h explosion proof film guard.