tempered glass

What year did tempered glass make it into code?

UBC “64”, revised in “79”, revised in “82” and again in “91”. What area of the home are you referring to.


I know my inspecton for monday has a bedroom window thats very low to the floor and has no sg and I would also like to know the yr on this anyone got it?

was built in 79

“64” was the less than 18in above the floor/larger than 6 sq.ft rule. In “79” they inserted exceptions for the 18 in rule that are protected by guard rail, hand rail or other approved barrier.


The code does not call for tempered glass. It calls for “safety glass” that can be either tempered, laminated, or an approved plastic.

It is an older home I called it out as a safety upgrade, due to door and steps. Was just curious as to the date.

The first safety glass was a fine wire mesh embedded in the glass.


The glass in your picture would be required to be tempered/safety glass based on current standards. There is also a requirement for a handrail in that picture, and the door opens the wrong way. . . How about lighting?