Tennesse Code Enforcement Closes Down Tree House

I wonder how many houses should have been shut down instead of this tree house. ;):slight_smile:


I like that, bring it up to code, but there are no codes:D

I agree, I’ve seen actual houses that are far mor dangerous than that tree house. Still open and still subsidiesed by HUD.

Some area’s do have codes. Plus there is the State code. Fire Marshal was doing his job . this is not just a tree house. A lot of people pass through it. They were doing their job, Fire code is a minimum code . Be a lot more uproar if people got trapped or a death occurred.The difference it is open to the public not residential.

Why can’t the government just leave people alone?

Let his insurance company deal with it and good luck getting insurance.

I agree. If this could be construed as only a house, it was a house with a tree growing in it. Besides, as soon as they opened it to the general public (church) is when they lost all hopes of skirting the laws. Bravo for nailing their butts and slamming that “tree house” loophole up theirs! :twisted:

Because to many folks in our Country want everything for free and only elect those who will do good for them and they do not worry about the good of the Country.

Will you fellows tell me what good would it be for this to go up in flames and kill people? I suppose you drive 100 through school and church zones to. Oh wait that is different .
Laws are needed, Enforcement of law corrects stupid

You can’t fix stupid no matter how hard you try.

Let the insurance companies decide is all I’m saying.

This is certainly not a kids tree house.

It is an oddity but that fact that it was open to the public makes one wonder if he has insurance.

If it is a public accommodation then it certainly needs to be regulated in some fashion.

If it is for private use I could care less.

If it is private it would not fall under the Fire marshal , Public only.
If it is a church it is exempt.
I would not be surprised if there is no insurance . Check out where it is.

I have no problem with the fire marshal ensuring any public area even a tree house is safe. I have no issue with a building inspector doing the same.

I was merely stating, i’ve been in apartment buildings/multi family homes that folks live in, that we pay for in the form of Section 8 housing, that is worse than that tree house appears to be. Arent there folks supposed to inspect the places section 8 families live in (rhetorical, there are)?

Likelya pay off going on to over look, If you look deep enough there always a reason, or someone doesn’t have the balls to step up to follow through with fines