Termite inspection on condo?

Do any of you guys bother doing a termite inspection on a condo? First floor.


Sure. Especially the 1st floor.

I do check with the HOA to see if they have an annual pest inspection.

Some do–some don’t.

Not unless the bank asks for it.

Absolutely, when I worked where you are at I found many instances where 1st floor had subterranean termites and found drywood termites up to 10 stories high. There have also been instances of formosan infestations in condos in Brevard. You should be reccommending a termite inspection.

My standard condo insp does not include a WDO, although if the Client wants one…sure. I have found a handful to show evidence of… and pointed it out for the buyer to address the Assoc. as this typically falls under their responsibility vs. Seller.

Just did a second floor unit last week that had drywood termites. If you’re buying in FL, get a WDO inspection. :cool:

If you are in Florida, the following applies as it pertains to who can do the inspections:
Licensed pest control operators or their
employees with “WDO inspector”
endorsement on their ID card.

Then again, some aren’t even licensed home inspectors.:twisted: