wood destroying insects in pa

just wondering what i need to be certified in pa? thanks brandon reynolds


You have to pass the test offered by the State (check the PA Dept of Ag site, I think) then you have to get insured as an applicator (as if you were an exterminator applying the chemicals). You will also need the proper froms (NPMA-33) to provide clients.

I don’t think it is all that difficult…I am considering it myself, but I am not sure I want to go for the insurance. It is so easy to sub out…and I know I am not getting any calls from people who get termites 2 years down the line and want to sue me!



You need to take the Core and category 12 Exams to certify as a Pesticide Applicator for WDI.



You need to obtain a Business License with the Department of Agriculture.


You need to meet the insurance requirements of the Business and Applicator license

yeah…that’s what i meant!

joe who do you use? do they go through you or do they deal with the customer directly? how much do they charge you? thanks brandon reynolds

I like Blue Bell Termite (in Jamison PA). They are totally easy to work with and schedule and they will bill any way you want.


You can Schedule the WDUI inspection for your Client.

Relate to them that the WDI Inspection will be conducted by a Trained, Licensed and Insured Pest Applicator.

Client nmeeds to enter into a Contractual Agreement with the PCO for the WDI portion of the Inspection.

If the WDI Inspection and/or Payment is made through your Home Inspection IOA, you (your Business) will be carrying the full Liablity of the WDI Inspection.

Take Liability for the Work you perform.

Let the Ancillary Contractors (scheduled but not contracted thru you) take responsibility for their own performance as well.