Testing drainage and waste systems?

Working through the Residential Plumbing Overview course, and I came across some confusing language. The course seems to indicate that inspectors should test the drainage, waste, and venting (DWV) systems with a 10-foot head of water for 15 minutes.

I suspect this verbiage was lifted from a description of testing those systems as they are installed, rather than during a home inspection, but can anyone confirm? Screenshot of the language in question is attached.

Bunch o baloney.

I do run a lot of water during inspection, interesting what will turn up…

I think that page is describing for you the building code requirement, not a home inspection requirement. I think it’s simply general info.

Here it is…

Yep fill the bathroom sinks and tub and letter go. Found 3 leaks in the basement alone on a newly flipped home. Guess they didn’t do the pressure test before hand.

Yeah flipped homes and foreclosed homes have the most leaks for me. The flipper or their cheap plumber ran water in the sink, but didn’t fill it up.

The paragraph was updated in order to reflect that home inspectors do not actually pressure test the DWV system. http://education.nachi.org/show.php?element_id=824&course_id=41