Testo 890 review

Jason Kaylor loaned me his Testo 890 as I’m looking at either getting the 885-2 or a Flir T420.
The 885 has a detector size of 320x240 with SuperResolution bringing the image to 640x480. It’s sensitivity of <30mK is strangely better than the 890 which is at <40mK.
The 890’s detector size is 640x480 with SuperRes bringing the image to 1280x960.

When I first took the cam out of the box and started it up, I thought the image on the screen wasn’t that great, compared to my Flir EX320 which I’m used to and know back and forth.
I played with the testo for a bit as it was late and I was tired. Honestly, I wasn’t really impressed, thinking there is no way this cam isn’t delivering the image it says it offers…

The good
I took it out on a job yesterday, after having read up on the manual…
This cam is a beast! I am blown away at how crazy crisp the images are, especially using the SR feature.
One feature I was wanting on my next cam was PiP with Flir or fusion with Fluke. Well, the crispy images the testo with RS has, you don’t need that anymore. You can easily see all the surrounding. You are pretty much looking a colored “photo”.

The bad
For those who already have a cam and are used to using it, you’ll notice this… The biggest drawback the Testo has is it’s heavy on the front end. Their brochure talks about an “ergonomic handle” which swivels to get hard to reach areas with wear angles.
In my opinion, the adjective ergonomic and testo 890 are incompatible. It’s not well balanced and is heavy compared to any other cams I’ve held.

The result
Here is the kicker, I’m sold. I will start lifting weights if needed because the images and features this cam has, far outweighs the drawback of the cam’s design.

Jason did a smart thing (for his business) as he sent me the 890 instead of the 885, because now I’m contemplating getting the 890 :smiley:

I will be using this cam primarily on commercial and industrial jobs. Will I bring it out on home inspections? Of course! I already win over jobs simply by letting the buyers know my EX320 has 6 times the resolution than most home inspectors…

Thanks Will.

Please spend some time with the software and give us the low down on reporting and image management too.

I have a 37,000sf roof job coming up as soon as weather and scheduling permit. Want to bring it along?

I’d be a fool not to take you up on the offer and learn from one of the best level III thermographers in Houston!