Testo 876 and Testo 882

Here are the new offerings from Testo.

Both have a 33hz video out which is nice for marketing purposes. They both also have interchangeable optics as well as motor focus control. The 876 is 160x120. The 882 is 320x240.

The 882 is now the most affordable 320x240 camera on the market (at the time of this post)

Testo 876

Testo 882


That 882 model looks nice. Having that Video Out option is gonna force FLUKE to have to add it to there TI32’s. I’m REALLY interested to see what FLIR has in store to contend with these other companies or if they’re even going to care to try.

All this new competition is a double edged blade. It’s nice to finally be able to afford these high powered cameras but now IR companies are popping up everywhere. 4 new companies in SLC in just the last 6 months.

How do you feel about the quality of the Testo’s?


Testo meters and instruments are to the HVAC world, what Fluke is to the electrical world.

Testo is actually not new to the IR game. This is their 3rd generation camera. I was not overly impressed with their first offering…the 880. The 875 and 881 were big improvements, but probably just on par with everything else in the same price range. I have a feeling the 876 and 882 will compete with just about anything out there in the same price range. Testo cameras always have more features for the same price as the competitors.

I really wish they could have stuffed the 882 in to the 876’s case. The 876 looks super professional. If someone showed up to my house with the 882 and someone else showed up with the 876, I would say the 876 guy was more experienced or had a better camera, even though that is not the case (no pun intended). I have a feeling they will release another version of the 876, after the first of the year, with the 882 specs.

We do not move a lot of the Testo cameras compared to the Fluke’s but the 20 or so we have sold over the past couple of months have all had good reviews.

As another note, software is free with these guys, just like Fluke.