Flir T440BX or Testo 885-2 V-Set

Hello I’m Stelvio Calafiore. I’m an italian engeneer, i’m interesting in buying an infra red camera, nevertheless I am not quite sure which one to buy, this my first one and I am going to use it for the control and maitaince of photovoltaic system (2 MW on the ground), electrical boards and buildings and I do not know which one to get.
The Flir T440B price is 10,450 Euros, and the Testo 885-2 V3-set 9,500 Euros, both with tele 45 included, the Testo with super resolution, radiometric video and module wifi included, the Flir with software flir tools+ and calibration lent included.
So I would like to know the advantages and disadvantages between the both of them, I mean I know the technical details from them but how much those details can influence my work (0,30 mK testo - 0,45 mK flir, android for flir, the different weight, lens protection for testo, 3,5" flir vs 4,3" testo, recognize code QR for The Testo.)
If some one of you used or bought one of them can you tell me your expirenses. Thank you very much indeed!

Hi Stelvio
I’ve had my 885-2 set for more than a year, primarily for building inspections.

The camera design makes it comfortable to handle for several hours at a time.
The high sensitivity is ideal for buildings, and gives a sharp image, - I’ve done succesfull building inspections in summer with low delta T.
The wireless connection to Testo’s temperature/humidity probe is practical onsite and even more during analysing with temp./hum. data stored with the individual thermogram.
The compass/orientation data Flir 440 has, would be handy for larger building inspections.
Except for one bad SD card, I’ve had no problems with the camera.
Nice to focus on the job instead of equipment operation.

To my knowledge there is no alternative to Testo’s IRSoft, and with the new 885 and 890 cameraes the software is next in line for an upgrade.
I miss more advanced marker and point tools, overview sketch functions.
And also the ability to include more than 25-30 images in each report, without the risk of crashing due to insufficient memory.
SuperResolution is really good.
Not only the 4 times pixels, but even better it increases the sharpness of the images.
My best explanation will be the difference between looking through a window with and without a flyscreen.

I’ll spare everyone for the long story, but I’m very pleased with my choice.

That said, I haven’t had the Flir 400 series in my hand.


First of all thanks Storm.
I also find the 890-2 V 3SET at 14000 €.
i spoke with a dealer Flir and Testo, and he told me that the two IRcamera are not comparable.
The value is: the flir has experience, there is a flea market for Flir so if one day i wanted to pass to flir T640, i could give back the camera; the flir is resistent, also that Flir as a bolometer based on vanadium oxide low impedance ecc…

it’s very diffucult to decide for me…

I think that I will make heads or tails :slight_smile:

I am about to buy a Flir 440 bx, I have looked for a long time,
Testo does not compare, In my option.
Flir has so much more experience in Building such cameras.

Good luck, hope that helps.