Texas CE hours and ICC hours

I have taken several approved courses for TREC credit. They still haven’t shown up on my education page via TREC website. How do you guys submit the info to them? Do I need to do something?

I have same question regarding ICC credits. I also wanted to know if we could get ICC credit on a course if we took it less than a few months before it was “approved” by ICC or do I need to take the test again?

You submit the certificates to TREC at license renewal time

The TREC has been revamping the way CE credits are added. They were requiring some type of spreadsheet be sent to them by the provider. Now they have some type of online way of input by the course provider like the TDLR does. I had this problem when I finished all my required courses to get my license as well. They finally got the education courses posted under my name 6 months later. I am sure they will accept my emailed copies of the course certificates to them for renewal. The question was how to get the courses posted under my education tab on the TREC website.

BTW nice website.

Thank you.

I never worried about what TREC listed for my education. I personally don’t think anyone actually goes there to find your qualifications, but that’s conjecture on my part. I just send them the certs at renewal.